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The Weekly News Analysis
Posted on Friday, May 08, 2009 @ 00:05:00 CDT by kwpnews

Are Politicians Taking Kenyans for a Ride

Editorial Commentary

May 8 (KWP) - The Kenyan politicians have evolved and perfected the art of fooling the public so much that few people can see through the artificially generated confusion that they constantly display in the public arena.

Over the past weeks Kenyans have been treated to political sideshows that have reaffirmed the selfish tendencies and intellectual dishonesty of the country's elected representatives.

I call them elected representatives and not leaders because their sole preoccupation since their election to the parliament chambers
has been anything other than leadership.

It is these same individuals that have over the course of forty years planted the seeds of discord in the Kenyan public and divided the people along artificial tribal lines so they divide and rule them with ease.

It therefore should not surprise to anybody that little is to be expected from them and little will come from them.

After the post - election violence, the political clowns, agreed to share power with the aim of transforming a failed political system and
usher a new era of accountability and transparency. Kenyans were promised reforms and transparency in the management of public affairs to be achieved within a year period.

Kenyans have been patiently waiting for reforms while lounging in poverty as the cabinet ministers do their share of "building the
nation" through emptying of the government coffers as they crow for more.

As if their empty promises and illicit money schemes are not enough, the politicians are trying once more to test the public's patience by
being openly dishonest with the exhausted citizens.

First came the Scandals and food scams, then when all had seemed resolved, the public was treated to a legal spectacle after the official
opening of parliament.

The president has been dreary in providing direction for the country and in the process has allowed the emergence of dangerous precedent that might prove to be problematic in the future. It is imporatnt for president Kibaki to undstand that the presidency is an evolving position that requires dynamic leadership. There can therefore be no single approach in dealing with the myriad of problems facing kenya. The President needs to be assertive when required and he can take a hand off attitude when it is appropriate to do so but not all the time.

The Prime Minister has revealed high-handed streaks displayed by his self appointment to an office of the government that was in the
constitutional domain of the head of state.Hon Odinga should realize that the biggest handicap that hangs around his neck are the multitude of political sycophant who will continously cheer him along even if he walks naked like the proverbial emperor.

Simply put, the Speaker chose to be dishonest with Kenyans and ruled in a manner that was convenient to his interests as the speaker of the house. Nobody captures the implication of Marende's ruling better than Koigi Wamwere's quotation of Sir Thomas More that "those who clear the forest of law to gain advantage over enemies will have nowhere to hide when they are chased by the devil? ". Marende may have taken a safe route in making his ruling, but he has sanitized intellectual dishonesty by operating outside the doctrine of the rule of law.

Marende should not be consoled by the hypocritical confidence from the diplomatic corps, for they themselves would not tolerate his ruling in their home countries.

As if the parliamentary near debacle is not enough, Mutula Kalonzo threw a silent bombshell by declaring that the constitution that was
meant to be completed within a year of the signing of the coalition agreement has now been pushed forward to the revised date of 2010.

When ODM and PNU were thirsty to share the spoils of power, they were able to piece together a coalition in less than three months and they were also able to find financing for the bloated cabinet when few people could imagine it feasible.

The hatred instigated after the 2007 elections was a product of the constitutional making process. What Kenyans need is the conclusion of that process way before the 2012 elections so Kenyans can process the new changes and vote with sober minds devoid of emotions that may be generated by holding constitutional referendums close to election time.

Mutula will be better served in marshalling all his energies in ensuring Kenyans get a new constitution fast instead of changing
goalposts with respect to the constitution time frame.

Kenyans are tired, and Kenyans are beginning to see the true images of those in power, so before the people's problems and frustrations escalate and manifest themselves in a form or shape that may not necessarily serve their interests or that of the country, the political class should wake up and do their jobs or let others fix the mess that they have created.

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Re: The Weekly News Analysis (Score: 1)
by buyunim on Saturday, May 09, 2009 @ 08:41:55 CDT
(User Info | Send a Message)

your comments reflected the pathetic political mayheim that is permeative through Kenyan politicians and their selfish tendencies.
In their josttling for power they have relegated the Kenyan dreams to the bottom of the agenda.
We are still to see the much talked about reforms that were championed in genises of the coalition.
The constituion has not been touched all we hear is the politicains claiming it shall be completed "soon". These politician lack credibility as we are talking about people who cannot even decide on who has executive authority in parliament. An uneffective president, whose house affairs are paraded by an erratic wife, a speaker who is more loyal to his political party than administer to the law that he swore to uphold. A prime-minister who is never satisfied until he stages he has executive power, always appearring disgruntled but not resigning. Political leaders including the prime-minster implicated in grandous corruption schemes. Dipping some-one in a swimming pool does not cleanse him from the stench of corruption emanting from his white suit. Better would have been confessing and repenting of sins of corruption and instigation of disruption of Kenyan lives over fulfillment of a political ambition.
A cabinent that cannot keep cabinet affairs in-house. A minister who over inflates the budget and there is nothing positive for Kenyans to be proud to this coalition.
We still have people who suffered from post election violence still living in camps and have no hope about about repartriation other than mere promises. Yet these same representatives as you righfully allude have the nerves of calling for new elections.
This coalition government is a total waste of Kenyan fiscal resources a travesty to the once unrivaled Kenyan image.

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